Saturday, December 10, 2005


Neo-Nazi's In Toledo Ohio

The neo-Nazi march held in Toledo Ohio today ended with 20 arrests but no serious violence. After the march October 15, 2005 broke out in riots a judge ordered that the march could not be stopped but it must be held on designated protesting grounds.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005



Offically i don't think i have ever been this stressed. With a huge project due tommorow and exams next week i could scream. If anyones got any good jokes to relieve some stress just let me know!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


One of Those Days

Ever have those days where u just wish that u could start the day over? Yesterday was on of those for me. I woke up late and therefore didn't get to my first class on time. Then the day started to look up. I got out of all my classes early and that was nice until I got to English class. Everyone thought that we had to do a power point presentation and well I didn't think we did so I didn't do that part of the project. So I take my hour in English to work on my power point. At the end of class I found out that we really don't need a power point and that I just wasted an hour that I could have been working on another part of the project. What a day......

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Favorable Reception

For English class when are getting the chance for “extra credit.” This is a chance to raise our grades without to much extra work. When revising a paper it is best to break it up into pieces and look at the pieces so that you don’t have to tackle the paper all at once. That can be a little overwhelming. For the favorable reception or “extra credit” work will need to be shone that extra time was put into the peer editing process. This work could possibly include having the paper or paragraphs lined up or even both. After showing the lining up of the paragraphing you could then show the realignments. Other possibilities would be to show a paragraph with edits made directly to the idea of mechanics, with the corrected paragraph shown. The whole paper could also be addressed as part of the editing process. After making the necessary edits put then into a form of a worksheet.


Peer Editing

My assignment for english class this week was to peer edit a paragraph that was given to us by our teacher. So here is how i thought the paragraph should go:

The article titled Designing Texts that Mary, my English 106 teacher, sent to me brought up some interesting uses of text that I have never thought of before. For example, using text that loops and is smoother coveys a calmer and more relaxing feeling; a jagged text has a more intense feeling and is more eye catching. Finally a straight, sharp edged text gives a serious and professions look to a piece of writing. The type of text style used will depend on how you want to portray your composition. The way a font is presented can be effective when used in combination with a good composition.

When a professional looks at an application for a job applicant that they may not consciously take into account the font but they would subconsciously. Dr. Mark French, who is an engineering professor at Purdue University would not judge an application well if it was written in a text that did not look professional.

I enjoyed going through a list that Mary gave us in English class on how to use text to say certain things such as making the text disappear. I altered my text in many ways, such as starting with bigger letters and gradually getting smaller as you progress through the word. Another way would be to fade the text from black to lighter shades of grey as it progresses.

Monday, November 07, 2005


Urban Dictionary

Ever listened to a song that you could not understand? Everyone has heard a song that the rapper just doesn’t seem to sing in normal English. Now there is a way to fix being able to not understand what is being said. The Urban Dictionary is a new way to understand those words that aren’t common English or those abbreviations that just don’t make sense. It has all the new words in it and it constantly updated.

In English class today we had to look at the urban dictionary and here are a few of the words I found that I thought were funny:
Cubbish: A Funny person, mainly tells rude jokes.
Nosegay: A small bunch of flowers; a bouquet
Mochdoggery: The strategy of waiting until others leave to do mischievous acts.

Hope you enjoy the words that I liked. Let me know if you find any you like.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005



As an assignment for English class I was given and article that was in random order and told to put the paragraph in order, and here is how I thought it would go:

A computer analysis of five million words in context revealed many subtle and no-so-subtle clues to the status of women in American society. The numbers alone tell us a lot: men out number women seven to one, boys out number girls two to one; girls are even in the minority in home economics books, where masculine pronouns out number feminine ones two to one. In the real world, women slightly outnumbered men. But the world created for American schoolchildren presents a different picture. In an article describing the preparation of a dictionary for schoolchildren, Alma Graham recounts the imbalance discover in schoolbooks in all subjects in use in the early 1970’s. In general, the pronouns he, him and his outnumbered she, her, and hers by a ratio of four to one. Not only are women put off, they are also put down numerically and otherwise.

Monday, October 31, 2005



Bring in college and semi on you own brings a whole new world of decisions and choices. Knowing that you are now legally an adult can be overwhelming at times. There are no more parents to go back and fix my mistakes.

The first decision I made as an adult was the college and major I chose. After making my decision to go to Purdue and major in Engineering I knew my life was about to change. Turns out I was right, but I didn’t know how right I was.

Before coming to Purdue I met my now boyfriend, Brian. My decision to date a man older than me changed my perspective on life and my actions. Now being an 18 year old female on a large campus that could be known as a party college, and being ready to get married changes the whole college experience.

It may seem like an 18 year old could not possibly have that many choices to make, but your wrong. The choices I made in the past now affect my future. My choice to date Brian has lead me to the biggest decision I have had to make yet. The decision to change schools. To transfer schools would complete my goal of getting married and starting a family but it would also mean having to start over at a new college.

Never having realized that choices I make now can affect the path I will follow in my life has been my greatest lesson learned.

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